About Slow Food – Nova Scotia

Father and son in the garden

A 1986 demonstration in Rome led to the Slow Food Movement in 1989 as fast food life began to be the norm, created to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and know-how and to address people’s dwindling knowledge and interest in where their food came from and what they ate.

Since then Slow Food has spread to 160 countries around the world, with members like us in Nova Scotia eating and acting locally to preserve local food traditions, support and promote local producers, and champion biodiversity of plant and animal food sources.

To be Slow about food is to enjoy and savour what we nourish ourselves with while being concerned with environmental and social consequences of our choices.  Is the farmer receiving a fair wage? How are the animals raised and treated? Are the farming practises environmentally sustainable?  Slow is about pleasure AND responsibility.

Slow Food in NS exists to:  

  • Promote good, clean and fair food from local producers.
  • Encourage the best growing practises especially organic and sustainable methods.
  • Preserve our culinary history and culture so that we have diversity in our choices.
  • Reconnect producers and consumers/co-producers so we can educate each other.