Slow Food Acadia at Acadia UniversityThe Acadia convivium officially began in April of 2010 and was created with the help and guidance of Tristaca Caldwell and Michael Howell. Slow Food Acadia was the first on-campus convivium in Canada and has been in existence for a full year now. The convivium consists of university students and all events are aimed toward that demographic to rekindle Acadia students’ interest in local food.


Mission Statement

To rekindle Acadia’s students’ interest in local food, to introduce students to local food related businesses, and to provide the opportunity to explore the social and human aspects of food.

Past Events

Wine Tasting and Tour

Slow Food Acadia’s first event was a tour of the Gaspereau Vineyard and Winery. The event consisted of a walking tour of the vineyard while sampling some wines paired with cheese from a local farm (Fox Hill)

Potluck and Terra Madre Presentation

Our second event was a potluck and a short presentation including a slide show of Neil Barss’s trip to Terra Madre in Italy.

Terre Madre Day Lunch

On Terra Madre Day members of Slow Food Acadia were invited to a delicious lunch at  Tempest, a local restaurant run by Michael Howell who is the leader of Slow Food Nova Scotia,

Cooking Class

The next event put on by Slow Food Acadia was a pasta cooking class with a local chef. Students who attended learned how to make several different types of pasta and after all the cooking was done, everyone enjoyed a lovely meal that they had just created.

Movie Night

The final event of the year by Slow Food Acadia was a movie night and potluck in conjunction with the Nutrition and Dietetics Society. The movie shown was titled Food Matters and was followed by a group discussion.

Future Events

  • Apple picking and apple sauce cook off
  • Sushi cooking class
  • Tours of local farms and businesses