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Slow Food membership connects you to others in your local food community while contributing and connecting to the global movement that envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for the planet.

Benefits include:

  • Invitations to all Slow Food Nova Scotia Mainland South Convivium and Northumberland Shore Convivium events, with preferred membership pricing
  • Opportunities to be active in your convivium’s organization and projects in support of Good, Clean, and Fair food
  • Growing and contributing your knowledge about local food production and food history
  • Communications about events and projects organized by the Slow Food movement around the world, including the SlowFood Almanac that all members, worldwide, receive with membership .
  • The possibility of being a convivium delegate to Terra Madre

PLUS making these programs possible:

Join Us

Are you interested in joining Slow Food in Nova Scotia?

  • Individual Memberships are $90/year for an adult and $110/year for a couple.
  • For the under 30 crowd, Youth Memberships are only $40/year or $60/year for youth couples.
  • A Sustainer membership sustains with a part of its fee biodiversity, educational and other Slow Food projects all over the world. A Sustainer memberships are only $180/year or $200/year per couple. Sustainer memberships include all the above benefits plus a yearly electronic newsletter reporting on biodiversity, education and other Slow Food projects and activities.

We plan 8 -10 events per year, have educational and activist projects on the go, and are always looking for opportunities to spread the Slow Food message. As a member you get invited to all of them and most of them are less expensive for members.


Online with Paypal (all online memberships are auto-renewing for your convenience, you can cancel at anytime)

Register Online and Pay by Cheque (requires sending a cheque every year to renew)