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Nova Scotia Food Policy Council

The NSFPC was formed in April, 2010 after supportive discussions at the conclusion of the Nova Scotia Food Summit in October, 2009 and subsequent networking. Across all sectors, it was recognized that the NSFPC had the potential to bring together proponents of health, agriculture, fisheries, education, community development, social justice, rural advocacy and the environment in the creation of the NSFPC. Our goals are ambitious and we’re gaining momentum.

Our Vision is that NS has a Healthy Food System

Mission – NSFPC is a citizens’ group working with communities, organizations and governments to develop and implement policies and programs that ensure an equitable, healthy and sustainable local food system, responsive to the economic, environmental, social and cultural needs of Nova Scotians.

How will the NSFPC contribute to NS food system issues?

  • Developing and recommending food policies to the appropriate level(s) of government and other organizations and engaging support through dialogue.
  • Communicating with citizens through forums and education about food system issues.
  • Facilitating dialogue among the public, media, government agencies and private corporations on food issues.
  • Encouraging research on food system issues.
  • Promoting safe, fair, sustainable and ethical food systems, including local food production and its marketing within the context of ecosystem decline, decreasing fossil fuel supplies and emerging climatic instability.

For more information contact

Mary Waisman, Chair NSFPC