Slow Food Nova Scotia

Slow Food - Nova Scotia

Let's cook up a revolution together

We are Slow Food Nova Scotia Mainland

We are one of the most active chapters of Slow Food in Canada.

Slow Food Nova Scotia – Mainland currently represents most of the province for membership.  With 100+ members in the Halifax Regional Municipality and the rest of Nova Scotia  (and  New Brunswick members who are part of our convivium until an official one begins in that province) we facilitate activities in the province. As the movement grows here in Nova Scotia, we envision more regionally specific convivia developing over time, and the continued development of on-campus convivia at our many post-secondary educational institutions.

With an active Board of Directors, we are a Registered Association with the NS Joint Registry of Stocks.
We currently organize 6-8 events per year, including our major ones (Slow Motion Food Film Fest and the SFNS Spring Supper) and are active in promoting the message of Good, Clean and Fair to the public, government and provincial organizations.
We are active in promoting school gardens and healthy eating initiatives throughout the province, are actively engaged in the Nova Scotia Food Policy Council, and work toward preserving farmland and food traditions across the region.”